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Lifestyle Guide for Mobile Home Living

Manufactured Homes

A mobile home, sometimes called a “manufactured home,” refers to homes made entirely in a factory and moved to the desired location instead of contractors building the home on-site. These semi-permanent or permanent residences don’t necessarily mean they are “mobile,” but they do have mobile capabilities when necessary.

These surprisingly luxurious and beautiful buildings must adhere to the HUD Code, ensuring each home meets specific regulations that make them safe and adequately efficient. Mobile Home Living for 55+ is a great option for senior living.

For Mobile Home Buyers


A mobile home was built before June 15, 1976. A manufactured home was built after this date.

All mobile/manufactured homes must be built in accordance with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) regulations. These regulations, the Manufactured Housing Construction and Safety Standards, were amended in 1994 to better ensure that mobile/manufactured homes can withstand high winds.

Yes. All manufactured homes have specific energy efficiency standards set by the federal government in the HUD Code. For example, manufactured homes built after October 1994 are required to be insulated to the geographic zone they are designed for, must have double-pane windows and must have ventilation fans in kitchens and bathrooms.

55+ communities, sometimes referred to as retirement communities, are communities with an age restriction for residence. Typical 55+ communities offer a variety of amenities for their residents, such as clubhouses, pools and spas, fitness centers, tennis courts, game rooms, crafts rooms, and scheduled activities. Most 55+ communities have residential covenants. These restrictions and guidelines ensure stable home values and a safe and friendly community for all residents.

Residency restrictions usually require one resident of each home to be at least 55, although specific age requirements will vary from one park to another. Some communities make special allowances for younger caretakers and legal guardians of residents. Even though most residents of 55+ parks are retired, many others continue careers while residing in their respective community. Consult with your Graham MH Sales agent for specific age requirement details in the communities we serve.


No, we only sell homes in land lease communities. However, we can refer you to a reputable Realtor to help you.

Yes, there are lenders that specialize in financing mobile/manufactured homes on leased land. Several factors determine financing eligibility: age, size, location, purchase price, etc. The buyer must meet lender requirements: credit score, debt to income ratio, etc. Whether the buyer plans to occupy the home full, or part time may also affect financing eligibility.  We also work with private lenders that may be able to provide financing.

All our homes are pre-owned and sold in present “AS IS” condition. There are no warranties, guarantees, and representations from the seller or Graham MH Sales on anything related to the home, equipment, appliances, and contents now or in the future.
All due diligence is the buyer’s responsibility. All known issues or deficiencies discovered by the agent or previously disclosed by the seller shall be communicated to the buyer in writing. We recommend all buyers have the home inspected by local professionals.
All inspection expenses are the sole responsibility of the buyer. All manufactured homes are used items that have evidence of wear and tear, and will require routine maintenance, much like a used automobile.

Yes, in the State of Arizona you must pay property taxes on mobile homes on leased land. Each year you are required to pay property taxes on the mobile home you purchase. If the taxes are more than $100 then the total amount can be paid in two installments. The first due in October and the second due in March. Some homeowners may be eligible for a property tax exemption.

The park approval process varies from one community to another, but your Graham MH Sales agent will assist you with this process. All the communities we serve will perform a criminal background check; some perform a credit check, while others do not factor credit history into consideration for resident approval.

Most mobile homes are priced at current market value. Some factors that will affect the price are condition, age, size, and location. If you find a home you like, it is best to promptly make a respectable offer. An offer much below the asking price can be considered insulting to the seller, and negotiations may then be stalled. Because some sellers wish for a quick sale, they may price their home at less than market value. Your Graham MH Sales agent will inform you of any listings that fit this category.

You may purchase any of our listings without seeing it first, often referred to as a “sight unseen” sale. We can complete all the necessary paperwork by email and standard mail. If you know someone in the area, ask your agent to view the home for you, and provide feedback. Additionally, we recommend that you hire a licensed home inspector and termite inspector. Your Graham MH Sales agent will inform you of any known concerns or any issues that have been disclosed by the seller.

No, we only work directly for the individual mobile homeowners who contract with Graham MH Sales. The information available here, current lot rent rates, items or activities included in the lot rent, park amenities, etc., are considered to be reliable, but may change at the discretion of the park management. Things like lot rent and amenities are always subject to change, and Graham MH Sales assumes no responsibility for any out-of-date information presented here. We will continue to update all park information to the best of our ability, however. We highly recommend that you, as the prospective buyer, verify any park information we provide to you.

Please call Graham MH Sales at 520-297-1136 to discuss listing your home for sale. If the home is unoccupied, we highly recommend leaving the utilities on, so potential buyers can “test drive” the home. If necessary, hire a cleaning service to clean and freshen up! We welcome your business and will do our best to get your home sold for you as soon as possible and at the best price!

Sorry, we are not able to sell homes listed with a park sales office or another mobile home sales company. Graham MH Sales is an independent mobile home broker and has no affiliation or ownership with any of the mobile home communities where we have homes listed. We do not co-broke with any other companies because there is no Multiple Listing Service like there is in real estate. We can only show homes that are listed through us.

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